Google Voice and Google Hangouts – Up-To-Date Guide

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Google Voice is an incredibly useful and powerful IP-based phone service provided by Google and currently has well over 3.5 million users. With Google Voice and Hangouts, you can text and call using your computer and it will all sync with your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet! The best news of all…Hangouts and Google Voice native apps, …

Digital Marketing Survey Request

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By now, you’ve probably heard of digital marketing. If you’re in the marketing field, you’re probably wondering how digital marketing will impact traditional marketing campaigns in the next year or two. We’ve been wondering the same thing! Our OMS team put together a short survey and would like feedback from those in the marketing field. …

Why We Ended the Year with a Mini Hack Week

  At the beginning of October, Optimal took a week to focus on team bonding, education, and strengthening our strategies. It was a great week and we even flew in our remote team to join the fun! We had all-staff discussions, we played games, and we took the time to really hone in on education. …

How and Why to Set Up a Public Webcam on Your Site

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Why to Set Up a Public Webcam People love high quality video, especially when it’s something they’re curious about.  By the end of 2014, 84% of Internet traffic will be video (according to Cisco and other numerous sources). Weather, events and parades are just a few things people might be curious about and want to …

On-Page SEO is the New Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the New Off-Page SEO

You are probably tired of listening to all the Penguin news, the talk that SEO is dead, and that link building is over. Good, me too. I personally think that talking about all of the changes in Google and ranking penalties have blocked the SEO community from seeing what has remained unchanged. What changed then? …

Digital PR and Why Your Brand Needs It

digital pr and why your brand needs it

What is Digital PR? Public Relations (PR) is building and maintaining a brand’s reputation by making sure the right information gets passed from the organization to the public. This includes organizing events, announcing new hires and construction, and promoting sponsorships – just to name a few.

2 Simple Steps to Ensure Social Media Success on Facebook

Two Simple Steps to Ensure Social Media Success with Facebook

Whenever you are marketing via social media, you always need to worry about two parts of the equation: creating great content and attracting new customers. However, it seems like so many people only focus on the first of the two because it draws the most attention and is much more “fun.”

Broken Link Building and Why It's Worth It

Broken Link Building

Link building can be a very challenging task…especially when you want to build STRONG LINKS. Broken link building can be one of the most beneficial and successful methods if done right. Doing so can often fix something on a website that has existed for many years and already has very high authority and a plethora …

How I Got My Startup Featured on The TODAY Show and NPR

How I Got My Startup Featured on The TODAY Show and NPR

People are amazed I was able to get my “little tech startup,” WeMontage (made in the Fox Valley of Wisconsin), featured on the TODAY Show, and most recently on NPR. They ask, “How did you do that?” Conventional wisdom says a blog post needs to be titled, “The 3 steps to…blah, blah, blah” in order to …