Do you have a blog for your business? Do you feel it’s getting the traction it deserves? Most businesses understand the importance of having a blog. A well-maintained blog will attract customers, build relationships with customers, and build value on your website. However, publishing a post doesn’t mean users will see it. You need to promote your content!

Ensuring your blog is optimized for SEO will help your blog be findable from search engines, but how else can you get your content in front of potential customers?

Here are 5 tips for promoting your content and getting the most from each content marketing project.


1. Post to Social Media

In a previous blog post, we discussed 5 Ways to Leverage Social Media. Social media is a powerful marketing tool, so make sure you’re using it! Post all of your blog posts to social media with relevant hashtags.

TIP: Find relevant hashtags that you know will get you some traction. We like to search relevant hashtags.




2. Email Outreach

Send personal emails to a list of contacts and influencers who would be interested in the article and would share it. We’ve had the best success by keeping it short and sweet with a pretty clear call to action.

TIP: If you link to any articles, reach out to the author or source and let them know you’ve used them as a source.



3. Social Media Outreach

Tweeting the article to influencers and contacts can seem like a very simple thing to do. However, if an influencer or contact Retweets or shares the article then you’ve expanded your audience and built value to your brand.

TIP: Tweet to users you’ve had contact with in the past for a greater chance they’ll respond to you!




4. Promoted Posts

Never underestimate promoting your post on social media. Even just $10 to promote a Facebook post could increase your viewership by 2,600 users.

TIP: Always respond to any comments or shares on social media – especially when it’s a promoted post. This helps build credibility and brand.

Optimal_Digital_Marketing 2



5. Learn From the Past

Did past outreach and promotion not perform well?  Use past promotion efforts to shape future campaigns.

Email outreach didn’t perform, but your promoted post brought tons of traffic? Consider focusing on social outreach and promoted posts instead of email outreach for your next promotion campaign.

TIP: Continue experimenting and learning from campaigns!

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