In the sea of Social Media options, it’s hard to tell which ones are worth investing your precious time in and which ones will struggle to keep up with society’s ever changing appetite for sharing their favorite cat memes (R.I.P. Vine…). Here are 5 social media platforms young and old that marketers should be paying attention to, and easy ways to leverage them for your brand.


New to the social media scene, this live video sharing app is the fastest growing platform to date, gaining 1 million new users in its first10 days. And while new spin-offs are appearing every day (the bleeding edge of an already bleeding edge? Blab…which is like a group chat version of Periscope), Periscope deserves your attention not only because it’s the new novelty, but because of the real-time engagement opportunities to showcase your brand in it’s most authentic state – LIVE!

  • Tip #1: Put a table in the kitchen.
    • Think of Periscope as the chef’s table in the kitchen of a restaurant, where a guest can get a backstage pass to how things really go down, as well as getting some special treats cooked up by the chef himself – tableside! Use Periscope to take your followers behind the scenes of your brand – start a conversation by answering questions from your audience during the broadcast, show live product demos, or share industry news.


Think of Facebook as that person who is always looking to set you up with one of their friends at their next dinner party. Facebook has a ‘live to please’ algorithm that wants to recommend and predict what you want to see, hear, or read about before you do. You want to figure out how Facebook can sit you down next to your dream client – and keep bringing you up again and again.

  • Tip #2: Give your brand skin.
    • Become REAL to your followers – just like at a dinner party when you’re getting to know someone new – ask engaging questions to find out what your followers likes and dislikes are. The more you can bring up your mutual affinities, the more Facebook will notice you’re hitting it off! The momentum you’ll build by Facebook showing your witty, authentic and real content to your followers will pay off the moment you post something that requires a call to action.


Twitter thrives on short, quippy conversation and has the potential to help you connect one on one with your customers, create community and drive sales. Best suited for those who love writing and fast paced back & forth banter – anyone can jump in. Whatever you do, be sure to be responsive – if someone asks a question, respond! Thank people for following, sharing or interacting – make sure people know it’s a real person behind the feed.

  • Tip #3: Tattoo your Twitter forehead.
    • If you had a tattoo on your forehead, people would know what you were about instantly. Pin a tweet or a Twitter card to the top of your feed to display your most poignant message or brand image right off the bat.


Instagram, a strictly mobile platform primarily using images accompanied with text, has appealed greatly to the Millennial population. What is so attractive about this inspirational community is it’s storytelling aspects – it’s not about how much you post, it’s what you post. Embrace the theme and message of your business to weave a story that communicates who you are and what you’re about.

  • Tip #4: Think of Instagram like your locker.
    • Just like in highschool, what you have hung up in your locker lets the people walking by know a little bit more about who you are. People will judge your Instagram feed by its last 6 images, so be sure to curate and edit to give it a cohesive look to the random passer-byer of your account. Why the last 6 images? They are the tiles below your profile that show up when someone pulls up your account. Choose a theme of similar colors, white space, subject, or typography (if your images feature that) that communicate the vibe of your brand instantly.


70% of people on Pinterest are there to shop…so what do you want to sell them? This virtual wishlist is perfect for anyone who has something visual to share. Images ‘pinned’ from blogs and websites have been known to go viral, sometimes garnering thousands of views and pins from other members of the site. One HUGE reason to use Pinterest? It generates more traffic than LinkedIn, Youtube and Google+ COMBINED.

  • Tip #5: Strut your own stuff.
    • 80% of the content on Pinterest is re-pins…content that is recycled through the site and being shared by multiple people – so bring original content from your blog or website to Pinterest. Types of images that do well are infographics, checklists, tutorials, videos and teaser text images (which are phrases overlaid on a photo).