Marketing trend tips by Optimal Web Consultants of Appleton, WIMarketing changes fast.  As technology and expectations change, internet marketing will evolve even quicker.  To help you make the most of your marketing efforts, our roundtable of experts share what’s coming, what’s going, and what to do about it.

Web Design & DevelopmentErikka Hedberg, Graphic Designer

What’s Coming? Responsive websites because they automatically adjust to fit any screen.  With more people browsing the web on their phones and tablets, they expect websites to look good on any device.  Complex colors, fonts and images are increasingly popular because of better screen resolutions and visual appeal.

What’s Going?  Static websites.  Forget making a website and never updating it. Expect to frequently update your site’s blog because of increasing focus on content.

What to do about it?  Redesign your site to be responsive and add a blog.  Then find blogs in your industry and learn by example.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Erik Kielisch, Copywriter & SEO Researcher

What’s Coming?  Better content.  Google is rewarding good content because it improves the user experience.  Google is also weighting brands higher than generic sites/services (ex.

What’s Going?  Over-optimization.  Search engines continue to change their algorithms to punish keyword stuffing, duplicate content, links from shady websites, over-use of anchor text, and other trickery.

What to do about it?  Write for people first, search engines second, being strategic and relational with your keywords.  Build your brand, remove shady links and build good ones through offering interesting content.

Conversions Brandon Wentland, President & Creative Director

What’s Coming?  Better tracking and more iterative changes to your website.  New and existing tools like Google Analytics, Google Experiments, and heatmaps make it easy to track users on your site and test changes to turn more browsers into buyers.

What’s Going?  Guesswork and pouring money into unproven site changes.  We are living in the information age and it’s the most valuable resource.  Measure, monitor, adjust, and repeat.

What to do about it?  Install Google Analytics on your site. It’s free and easy.  Do it today.

Branding – Jeff Amstutz, Creative Director of A2Z Design, LLC

What’s Coming? Visuals are huge. With social media becoming more visual, your brand is also becoming more important because people need to quickly recognize your company and have an emotional attachment.

What’s Going? Complicated brands are deadly; it’s a crowded world.  Your brand has to be as simple and identifiable as possible to survive.  Avoid color trends, over-coloring your brand, and using cumbersome dimensions and shadows.

What to do about it? People judge you by your brand in a split second.  If it doesn’t relate to who you are, change it or it’s going to hinder and hurt you.  Remember, your brand has to be appropriate, distinctive and consistent.  Branding is absolutely everything.

Social Media Marketing – Brad Cebulski, Owner of BConnected, LLC

What’s Coming?  Anything visual.  Visual content is shared the most and engaged with the most. Facebook is weighting pictures higher, and Pinterest is entirely visual.  Even LinkedIn and Twitter are getting more visual with banner images, photos and videos.

Good content.  Facebook changed their Edgerank algorithm to rank good content higher.  With Pinterest and Google focusing on content, blogs are very important.

What’s Going? Social networks are getting more users, but I think a bubble burst is coming.  Expect only a few to be left standing.

What to do about it?  On your blog and across all social networks, put out engaging content that keeps people involved like promotions, stories and high quality visuals like photos, videos and graphics.