Always Be Closing - Iconic Slogan from the movie, "Glengarry Glen Ross"

Alec Baldwin hammers home his sales slogan, “Always Be Closing” in the movie “Glengarry Glen Ross.”

There are many different slogans and phrases about sales and the importance of it in business.

Some are tired phrases that never seem to go away, like the infamous “Always Be Closing” or “Smile and Dial.” ┬áNo one likes that. Seriously…no one.

If you’re in cold calling, you might have a manager hit you with these metrics:

  • 60 calls/day
  • 25 solid connections/day (business calls)
  • Equals 4 hours of talk time/day, which should produce dollars in the pocket.

These metrics can go much deeper depending on your industry and if you are looking for those kinds of tactics. I’d suggest reading through some of Zig Ziglar’s work if you really want to break it apart.

2 Sales Slogans That Produce

Here are the two that I keep at the forefront of my brain:

  1. No one gets paid unless somebody sells something.
  2. Activity solves all problems.

For any business owner out there, I personally believe that these two should be top of mind when even entering the day.

Likewise, an effective website should be driving both of those. If they aren’t, your site has become more of a glorified brochure instead of a powerful, dollar-driving, customer-grabbing, marketing tool.

Some of those call metrics above can be effective, depending on your business. But if you can combine a number of leads through your site, generating pure warm activity, wouldn’t that be better?

Ask Yourself These Questions

I’ll give you some questions to think about, and see if you can answer them yourselves.

  1. How many visits does your site get day? Week? Month?
  2. What are people doing when they visit your site?
  3. What is the percent of visitors to your site that reach out to you?
  4. When they do reach out, what is that value (monetarily) to the business?
  5. Is your site even capturing any of this data?

Personally I don’t feel like these metrics are just for mid-large size companies. They should be for all.

I’m 100% confident that no Owner, Founder, or Manager ever said, “We’re not interested in knowing what our customers are doing.”

I can hear your voice already; true, you can’t know everything. But, when it comes to your website keeping sales activity up and driving dollars to the business now(!), we can track that. And that, my fellow business lovers, is power to the owner.