Example of a responsive web design on multiple devicesHave you ever been away from your computer, in your car waiting for the kids to get done with practice and checking the news, early for a meeting and researching a prospective client, or just out with friends searching for a restaurant?

You may have picked up a mobile device, your smartphone or tablet to check these things.

You probably noticed that some sites take forever to load, are hard to read, and difficult to navigate or size for your screen.

Then you see other sites and notice their layout is much different: they’re easy to view, load fast and just give you a better experience when you’re surfing on the go.

These sites are tailored to exactly what you are using: mobile devices.

What is Responsive Design?

It’s called “responsive design” because they automatically resize and reorganize themselves to fit your device.  It requires completely different programming than your standard website.

Designing a responsive website allows you to scroll, zoom in and resize photos so they are viewed proportionately on pretty much any size device.

We recommend responsive design over creating a separate mobile version of your website for three main reasons:

  1. One site, one cost.  Instead of making two websites, by making one site with responsive design, you get one site that works on all devices.
  2. Easy to manage.  With two sites, whenever you change info on one site, you have to change it on the other.  It’s a headache and invites mistakes.  Avoid that with a responsive site.
  3. Easier on SEO.  Instead of two separate SEO campaigns for two sites, you only need one SEO campaign for your responsive site.

Why Responsive Design Matters

Example of a responsive website on a tablet and smart phone

Our world is getting smaller, literally and figuratively.  This chart shows the explosion of mobile devices’ use and their projected growth.

By 2015 – 3 short years from now – mobile will rule. Are you ready?  If you have a website, are you ready to offer your potential customers the best possible experience to buy your product or service?  Odds are they are researching or shopping on the go.

Responsive Design in Action

We have recently completed two responsive design sites and are increasingly being asked to do more.

Our clients, Sunflower Spa and Mattioli Cycles, have launched their responsive sites and now have the ability to reach clients in a broader market.  Check them out on your smartphone or tablet.  Soon we’re going to update our site with responsive design.  In the meantime, our portfolio page is responsive.

If your site takes more than a few seconds to load or doesn’t look good on your mobile device or tablet, odds are your website visitors will hit the dreaded back button and not even give your company a chance.

So, the next time you are searching for something on your mobile devices, pay a little attention to the experience.

Look up your own site, if you have one.  Do you like what you see?

If not, contact us.  We’d love to help you reach mobile users.