By now, you’ve probably heard of digital marketing. If you’re in the marketing field, you’re probably wondering how digital marketing will impact traditional marketing campaigns in the next year or two. We’ve been wondering the same thing!

Our OMS team put together a short survey and would like feedback from those in the marketing field. If you are in a marketing position, we would love your response! If you have friends and colleagues in the marketing field, pass this along to them as well.

Everyone who fills out the survey receives a free eBook The Elements of Content Strategy and a chance to win a full marketing library (20 books!).


This short survey should take 10 minutes or less to complete.

We will use the information to:

  • Create a report we will share with all the people who contribute
  • Create a killer infographic off the data
  • Create some online resources, tools, ebooks, and other great content!

That’s it, no solicitation. We are just trying to learn how this paradigm shift is affecting the industry.

We’ve already received a number of responses but the more, the better!

We look forward to reading the responses!
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Thank you from your friends at Optimal Digital Marketing!