What is Digital PR? Public Relations (PR) is building and maintaining a brand’s reputation by making sure the right information gets passed from the organization to the public. This includes organizing events, announcing new hires and construction, and promoting sponsorships – just to name a few.

Digital PR is still passing information from the organization to the public, but its tools have evolved to encompass Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, content marketing, link building and online promotion of your brand.

It seems simple enough, but there’s dedicated work behind it. Let’s dive into what Digital PR is and why your brand needs it.

Why Digital PR and SEO Need Each Other

Digital PR is promoting the brand online, but it needs a strong SEO component to be successful. By optimizing your content, you’re telling search engines what it is, increasing the likelihood it will appear in relevant search results. If you work hard on building links and mentions, it can increase your ranking in search engines and bring more traffic to your site.

Let’s look at two examples:

1. Say you convince your CEO to share their expertise on your site. This is excellent from a PR standpoint because an executive is directly connecting with the public and building that relationship and their personal brand. It’s also useful for SEO because you can optimize the article to target popular terms that will attract new visitors.

2. Or say you convince a prominent brand to publish content written by your client. This is great from a PR standpoint because now your client’s work is on a website which will build their audience and lead users back to their site. Plus, it also benefits SEO because you’ve just built a link! Quality links help websites rank well on search engines.

Two Cats Hugging

Digital PR and SEO are cozy together. Source: Flickr

Content Marketing and Digital PR

More and more companies are realizing why content marketing is important for Digital PR.

Content marketing is essentially creating quality, relevant content and attracting an audience with it. Content includes blog posts, infographics, guides, and PDFs, videos, graphics…anything, really.

For example, this blog post “38 Go-to Resources for Learning the Latest on Social Media” by the Buffer App Blog is a cool piece of content marketing.

Digital PR comes into play when you complete the content piece and it’s time to do outreach. Fortunately, you can use various platforms like Reddit, G+, Slideshare, and YouTube to promote the piece you’ve created.

Start with what you know by targeting outreach to your outreach list you’ve created in BuzzStream or a Twitter List.

For example, I have a private list for each client and I interact with those users. Then, when the client has content to promote, I tweet at certain users.

Content Marketing and Digital PR

Here’s how I do it:

Twitter Content Marketing

Hopefully, the outreach results in a link which also results in traffic back to the site (seeing a pattern?).

The Social Media Component

Social Digital PR is more than posting on social media; it’s using social media, the biggest media platform there is, to promote your brand to build your audience.

This is done through social contests, social networking (like joining G+ Communities), social optimization such as modifying YouTube videos for SEO, and making sure all social profile building is complete and accurate.

Content Promotion Social Networking

This can actually take some time, so budget a couple of hours each month to fully utilize social media for Digital PR.

Online Promotion to Get Links

Online promotion spreads content around on the Internet where it would be valuable and create a link. Promotion is done through outreach, social, and other various platforms with the goal of landing a link back to your site.

For example, if you post a blog about a topic, create a SlideShare from the post, and then create a YouTube video from the SlideShare.

Finally, do some outreach via BuzzStream to get blogs and websites to link to your valuable content.

Online Promotion Links Buzzstream

The ultimate goal of online promotion is to promote your unique content, bring users back to the site, and build a link!

Why You Need Digital PR

Digital PR may seem like a lot of work, but your brand needs it! You need to be in front of potential customers when they’re looking for your services or products online.

This is still a fairly new avenue to build your business and promote your brand, but it’s crucial that you start to learn Digital PR now to create a strong online presence for the future.