If you can’t take the right picture for a content piece, or you want to communicate something that you can’t easily photograph (ex. frustration), then it’s acceptable to use stock photography as your last option.


Here are some good resources:



Unsplash has free, very high quality imagery you can use. Though the pictures are gorgeous, they’re random and there’s no way to search. You just have to keep scrolling until you find what you want.



iStock is one of (if not the) largest stock photography sites online. They have a huge selection you can easily search through. However, they’re not cheap. One image could cost you at least $12.

Have a Fun Photoshoot With Your Team

We’ve been able to have fun team photoshoots to create some stock images for our website and content marketing.

Here are some of our favorites:IMG_9033 copy


IMG_8949 copy


IMG_9007 copy


Our List of Sites to Find the Best Images

Here is a list sites where you can download images (sometimes for free!) You can this list as a PDF for easy printing and sharing. Download the Image Site Resource.

Free public-domain image sites:


Know of any other sites? Let us know!

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