contact form example from the website of Optimal Web Consultants, Inc.The more you know about your leads, the better you can serve them.  Plus, you also know what’s working and what’s not.

To help us know what’s working, we use a simple but powerful tool called “Gravity Forms.”

It’s a WordPress plugin that shows a lot of valuable information about the people filling out our contact form. But just about any form can be customized to gather this info.

Value Your SEO

One of our favorite parts of Gravity Forms is that it tracks the keyword someone used to find our site and contact us.

If that contact turns into business, we can put a solid dollar value on that keyword.  Then we can realign our SEO strategy to focus on ranking higher for that keyword.

Track Their Location

We can also see the city, state and country the person is from.  If we notice that many leads come from a similar location, we can reasonably assume that we would also get leads from a comparable location.

This feature also means we don’t have to ask for that information in our form, thus shortening it.  Studies show that short forms lead to higher conversions because they’re easier to complete.

Gauge Their Interest

Say we receive two requests for a free quote from two different people, we can gauge their interest by three factors:

  1. Original Visit Time

  2. Submission Time

  3. Pageviews

Original Visit Time tells us when this person first hit our site, and Submission Time tells us when they submitted the form.

If they submitted the form within a minute or two of originally visiting our site, we can safely assume they don’t know much about us and are probably just fishing for quotes.

However, if we see a lot of time between their original visit and submission time, it shows they probably spent a lot of time researching us to see if they want to work with us.

If you’re saying, “Hey now, that long time lapse could just mean they stepped away from the computer,” there’s another analytic to study: Pageviews.

Pageviews tells us how many pages of our site someone visited before contacting us.  If they only viewed one page in an hour before contacting us, then they probably did just leave our site open while they got coffee.  However, if they viewed several pages, it means they’re far more interested.

For example, a company contacted us (and became a client) after spending an hour and a half on our site and viewing 8 pages in one visit.  Before we responded to them, we knew they were a hot lead.

With these valuable form analytics, you can evaluate your SEO strategy, gauge your leads’ interest and deliver what they really need.

We’re confident you’ll find this tool as useful as we have.