Use RSS Emails for cheap and effective marketingThis holiday season, it’s important to grab your customers’ attention to market your products, specials and more. Here’s how you can easily and freely do so with RSS emails.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” It takes an update on your site and emails a plain text version of it to a subscriber. That way, people can get the information they need from a webpage without having to revisit it over and over again.

What is an RSS Email?

It’s simply a template email formatted to grab your RSS feed and populate itself with that content. After the initial setup, it’s totally hands-free.

Why Market with RSS Emails?

It’s ideal for small businesses that don’t have time to update their website and customize an email campaign every time they send out a deal.

It’s so simple and easy that we’re surprised more people aren’t using it.

Here’s all you have to do:

  • Set up a page with an RSS feed (like your blog).
  • Update the page with your latest product, promotion or discount.
  • When you publish your new blog post, your RSS feed sends that information to your email marketing provider.
  • Your post information is automatically formatted, added to your template RSS email, and is sent to all your subscribers on a scheduled day and time.

Why You Should Use An Email Marketing Company

Instead of using a website’s built-in email system, we recommend using an email marketing company called MailChimp for several reasons:

  • It tracks opens so you can see which subscribers opened your email and what state they’re from.
  • It tracks clicks so you can see what links were clicked.
  • It protects your email from being marked as spam by catching problems and helping you resolve them.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • It looks better and you can customize many attractive templates to your business.
  • It’s free! (up to a point)

For a step-by-step MailChimp tutorial, download the 3 PDFs at the end of this post.

We can also set it up for you. If you don’t want it to look fancy, we can set everything up in about an hour.

How Do I Get Subscribers?

When you sign up for an account with an email marketing company, they will have a tool to help you make a signup box to add to your website.

They’re usually very straightforward and give you several placement options like a text link (“Sign up for our newsletter”) or a box that lets people sign up by entering their email address.

Once I Set Up My RSS Emails, What Do I Do?

Just like with any form of marketing, be consistent. Don’t post three times one week and then once the next month. Also, don’t spam your subscribers with multiple posts a day. Post once or twice a week, knowing that your subscribers have little time to read every post and will probably unsubscribe if you email them too often.

Write no-nonsense headlines like “50% off service in November.” It not only gets people to read your content, but it will also be your RSS email’s headline.

Include useful information in your post about your discount or product. Give details, be personal and fun, and make it easy for someone to purchase your product or service.

The Holidays Are Here, So Get Started!

With RSS emails in your marketing arsenal, you’ll be able to easily and cheaply use email marketing to attract more customers this holiday season.

If you need any help setting up your account, let us know! We’ll be happy to help.

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