Google+ is big. It’s the second largest social networking site in the world, recently surpassing Twitter. As Google acquires more web properties, Google+ is coming along for the ride; Google+ and Google are becoming one and the same.

People aren’t necessarily logging onto the Google+ website and they don’t need to. Google+ is now used in YouTube comments, Google Maps searches, Gmail, the Google Chrome browser and more. You can utilize the popularity of Google+ in two ways: for your business and for yourself:

Google+ for your Business

Creating a Google+ page for your business gives you the opportunity to be more visible on Google’s numerous applications, therefore giving your business the best opportunity to be seen by prospects.

  • This page connects to your Google Places profile, which is shown on Google Search and Google Maps. Prospects have the opportunity to click on your name in those applications and have a customized, brand experience on your Google+ page.
  • Google+ Business Page ReviewsA Google+ business page gives customers the opportunity to write reviews for your business where they will be seen in search results. A significant amount of reviews, good or bad, contributes to higher ranking of your business in search results.
  • Your Google+ page can link to your website through a process called rel=publisher. This verifies your Google+ business page as accurate, making it look more credible to users.

Google+ for YOU

A personal Google+ page gives you the opportunities to network, get up-to-date information about your interests, and build up your personal credibility on the web.

  • Connect with people relevant to your industries and your hobbies by joining a Community. People in Communities are more likely to post relevant content, as well as comment and share your related posts.matt_cutts_rel_author
  • Create visually engaging posts with images and links. Google looks at these links shortly after you post them and indexes them in their search engine – it’s great for getting the word out about new content.
  • Show what websites you contribute to by utilizing a feature called rel=author. This feature links your website to your personal Google+ profile in order to show others where you contribute your time and content writing.

Consider adding Google+ to your business and your personal web marketing strategy. Apart from other social media sites, this one has the potential to impact your search rankings and your online credibility.

Google+ may not be the favorite social media site across all web users, but to SEOs and small businesses, Google + is a search opportunity not worth wasting.