gMail is fast becoming the #1 email system, and for good reason.  The engineers over at Google created gMail to handle their ever increasing amount of spam and vast amounts of email they received on a daily basis.

Here are just a few key reasons you should think about switching:

Spam – Google offers the best anti-spam software on the market.  Many inboxes I see are cluttered with large quantities of junk mail and this will help cut that out.

Search –  Find any message, from any date, using any keyword.  This could be something in the subject, body, etc.  Never lose a message again.

Storage –  You have a huge amount of storage so you never have to delete emails.

Conversation – Also known as threaded email messaging.  This will take a conversation of say 10 or so emails and combine them in to one single email conversation.

Filters & Tags –  This is something that I want to spend a whole screen cast on.  Simply put, this is the best way to organize and automate your inbox.

To top off the many benefits, you can also take your existing email accounts and incorporate them into gMail.  Check out the video below for more benefits and a step-by-step on how to integrate your existing email accounts:




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