WordPress review plugin reputation management

82% of people say reviews affect buying decisions. Too bad so few companies have them. That’s why we created this plugin. It helps remove the friction caused by asking someone for a review and enables them leave one. This plugin (and downloads below) provides all you need to get started.

It’s simple, clean, and fun. People will love its bright colors, emoticons, and modern design. And it’s also fully responsive.

Mitigate bad reviews:

The landing page gives users a chance to choose what their experience was like. If it was bad, and they click the sad face, they will see a custom page that slides in with a message you can customize.




Fully customizable:

Easily change URLs, swap out screencast videos (or stick with the defaults). We created this plugin to be nearly ready-to-use out of the box. Just change the URL to your review page, and you’re all set. Of course, you can customize far more than that.



Built to share:

We created this plugin internally for our clients but felt that everyone would benefit from it, so we decided to give it away for free. If you like it, please consider sharing with a friend, on social media, or on your blog :).


Download ┬╗

Configuring the plugin directions:

  1. Download the .zip file above
  2. Log in to WordPress
  3. Hover over plugins and click “add new”
  4. Click “upload”
  5. Click “choose file” and navigate to where you saved the .zip download


We found it valuable to create complementing print media to facilitate getting reviews. Below is a 8.5×11 table tent design (which pairs great with a plastic stand) and business card template. They are Google Drive documents so office software required. See the video below on how to┬ácustomize, and print them off to maximize your reviews.