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Let's chat.

Fill out this short form to book a quick intro conversation with one of our business strategists.  Looking for something else?

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Fill out this short form to book a quick intro conversation with one of our business strategiest.

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Lead your company to new levels of growth.

Optimal is a digital marketing agency that helps you get in front of your target market, convert more visitors into buyers, and automate repurchases and retention.

  • Integrated: Full buyer's journey coverage, everything is interconnected
  • Teamwork: Growth Marketers own the strategy & planning assisted by specialists
  • ROI: Transparent reporting focused on revenue

Free growth ideas, no strings attached.



Lead generation

Berkshire Hathaway
International Children's Fun
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Bōte testimonial

"We set record-setting sales numbers week after week. They are a trusted partner and we could not be happier with the revenue growth."

Corey Cooper, CEO Bōte Board

The problem.

Most companies don't have the data they need to make confident decisions. Often times marketing is siloed, disconnected, and following a templated plan - hurting growth. The reality is that the majority of marketing dollars are wasted.

The solution.

We use our Growth Triangle concept to analyze your business from 3 perspectives to uncover the data and insights needed to unlock profitable growth. By dynamically focusing on the right areas, we eliminate the constraints that are holding you back.


Get in front of your target market
  • Search Ads
  • Social Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads
  • SEO


Convert more leads & sales

  • Website Design & Dev
  • Landing Pages
  • Analytics & Tracking
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Heuristic Analysis


Follow up to generate more revenue

  • Remarketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Optimization
  • Review & Referral System

You will get full buyer journey coverage

A siloed approach to digital marketing limits learning and speed while producing waste. Our integrated and holistic approach ensures strength in the essential areas that are interconnected.

  • Growth Marketers see the big picture and run the plan
  • Specialists help execute the work at a high level

You will make confident data-driven decisions

Everyone wants this but few do it, why? Because it's time-consuming and not easy. We are so committed to this we baked a 300+ point audit into our quarterly process.

  • Uncover obstacles & opportunties
  • Each new growth initiative backed by data
  • Dynamically refocus on the areas that will generate the most growth

Never have to hunt for another partner

  • 98% client retention rate
  • 3+ year average client tenure
  • Trusted extension of your team

Results you can count on

  • $35mm in additional revenue generated in 2021
  • Helped 10x multiple companies
  • Transparent full-funnel revenue attribution reporting

“Optimal understood the nuances of our business model. There simply is no template or formula-driven approach to this. They understand the fundamentals that go way beyond PPC & conversion rate optimization.”

Tom Dittrich, Vice President Marketing, Foundation Source

Tom Dittrich, Foundation Source

What about my ROI?

Our mission as a company is to give more than we take. We will never work with someone unless we are confident we can do that. We have a proven track record of helping companies scale:

I've done this before. How is this different?

Transparent reporting focused on revenue

Integrated full buyer journey focus

Custom data-backed strategy

Generalists + specialists make the best teams

Optimal has helped me have complete visibility and control over our advertising with the insights I need to make decisions. At any time I can reach out to them to make adjustments.

Dr.David Bruenning, Founder International Children's Fund
Dr. David Bruenning, Founder International Children's Fund

Invest in your company’s growth.

Schedule a free 20-minute call with our Founder and CEO to learn more about how we can help create a winning strategy for you. After our call, we will create a proposal with actionable ideas (no strings attached).

Frequently asked

What is all included?

  • Our retainers are fixed cost and flexible scope. The scope is determined quarterly with our Growth Triangle audit process.
  • The scope could include:
    • Prospecting phase → Search ads, display ads, social ads, video ads, organic SEO.
    • Post-click phase → Website design and development, landing pages, analytics and tracking, conversion rate optimization, experimentation, and a/b testing.
    • Pursue phase → Remarketing, email marketing, marketing automation, reviews, and referrals systems.

What does it cost?

  • We will not work with you unless we feel we can create profitable growth at scale.
  • Our goal is to turn our fee from a cost to an investment ASAP with tangible revenue reporting.
  • Our retainers start at $5,000/month.
  • We build custom teams to manage larger retainers.

How fast can I expect results?

This question is dependent on a) how much existing infrastructure you have in place and b) what stage your business is in.


  • Things that are needed to support digital marketing.
  • Examples: existing data, website, landing pages, ad accounts, creative, marketing automation, in house teams, processes, etc.


  • Startups (~6-12 months) - A great idea that is untested, with no infrastructure in place.
  • Product market fit (~3-6 months) - Existing sales and a receptive target market, limited infrastructure in place.
  • Scaling (~3 months) - Strong existing sales, infrastructure for growth fully built out.

How can you have the expertise to manage the full buyer journey?

  • Traditionally, you would need to choose between working with a generalist (great plans, poor execution) or a specialist (great execution, limited scope, not integrated) agency.
  • We have created a hybrid model
    • Growth Marketers - As your main point of contact, they own seeing the big picture, gathering data from all parts of the buyer journey, creating and running plans, and some execution.
    • Specialists - With a narrow focus on a single part of the buyer journey, they bring speed and a depth of expertise. Paired with a Growth Marketer they are always connected to the bigger picture.

Could we select just a single service? Do you do project-based work?

  • It is our point of view that an integrated approach to growth is best.
  • We always aim to connect and optimize the entire buyer journey - not just a single service.
  • This sort of integration is not possible using a project-based pricing model - we operate exclusively in retainers.

Amplify your marketing.

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Do you know where your marketing dollars are being wasted?

Prospecting to the wrong audience

Visitors bouncing off your website

People falling through the cracks

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Get a free audit so you can uncover where your marketing dollars are being wasted and gain insights to confidently chart a course towards profitable growth.